How to export from Anobii and import to Goodreads


This script converts a standard CSV export from the Anobii website to a format you should be able to import into Goodreads.

How to export from Anobii and import to Goodreads


Python v2.7.x installed

The script contains a configuration section to manage different language translations. Italian is the default one; if you need to manage a different language, you must customize the following constants basing on your Anobii export content file:

FINISHED Book you finished
DROPPED Book you gave up on
READING Book you're currently reading
MONTHS List of months

Export from Anobii

  1. Login to Anobii and access your books library page
  2. Click on the option button you can find on the top right, besides ordering filters
  3. Select "Export list" option and choose CSV format
  4. You will receive an email in a few minutes with a CSV file attached. Download this file and rename it as anobii_export.csv.

Convert from Anobii to Goodreads

  1. To convert between the export format of Anobii and import format of Goodreads, we use the Anobii2Goodreads script. Git clone it or download the code:
    $ git clone
  2. Place the anobii_export.csv file in the same directory containing the script.
  3. Perform the conversion, the output is written to import_to_goodreads.csv file:

    $ python

    Import to Goodreads

  4. Login to Goodreads. Go to its import page and import the import_to_goodreads.csv file.
  5. Refresh this page to see the import progress. Few books may not be imported (e.g. missing ISBN), consider adding them manually.
  6. Go to your own update stream, you should be able to see all the imports. Do not worry, Goodreads only shows a few of these updates on your friends' stream.


This script is based on the following works:


GNU General Public License version 3