The Joy of Learning (out of your comfort zone)

In the second half of last year I attended a couple of very interesting events about innovation, not only technical but also cultural, and I was lucky enough to hear a lot of people extremely competent and enthusiastic.
In particular, I was able to attend a speech by Luca Sartoni at Codemotion in Milan, one of those moments that bring to light the desire to change something in your life, to find the will to improve yourself.

So, in the last days of the year, when it's time to think about new good intentions, I said: "Ok Marco, in 2016 you will not spend even a week without learning something new!". And so I did.
On December 28, I enrolled in a course of "Machine Learning" offered by Stanford University at Coursera: I ​​came out of my comfort zone (I've never been a great friend of advanced mathematics), and I really felt a thrill of freedom.

Ok, I mean... I will not become a Data Analyst just after a 11-week on-line course, I will not change the world of computing, nor I'll start a revolution in artificial intelligence.
So why do I write this post? Just to wish me good luck, and to remind me again what does it mean connect the dots of my path.

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